Nepali Army Photo Competition-Terms and Conditions:

Please read our terms and conditions before you submit photos.

1. The competition is open to Professional and Amateur Photographers.

2. An age of participants must be above 18.

3. The competition accepts both DSLR and Mobile photography.

4. Participants must submit the photographs related to the Nepali Army.

5. Photographs must be captured during 2078 BS to 2079 BS.

6. Participants can submit the photographs in the following categories:

a) Operational Activities

b) Training

c) Sports

d) Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) activities

e) Ceremony

f) Others

7. Photographs must be captured by participants himself/herself. They cannot submit in the name of third party.

8. Photo correction including saturation, contrast, brightness, sharpness, temperature of color, white balance and cropping is accepted. Illustrations, computer made or assisted photographs are not permitted and is automatically disqualified for the competition.

9. Photo must be original and unpublished by any other organizer. Only original work that has not been published (in any competition) in print, digital, online publication will be considered/accepted. Self-published works in his/her blogs, website and social media is considered/accepted.

10. Mandatory elements for submitting photographs:

a. Format : JPEG

b. Minimum size : 3 MB

c. Must include the caption in 5WH (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How)

d. No text or Watermark in the photo is accepted.

11. Photographer him/herself must owe the copyright of photographs.

12. By their participation, participants must grant the right of their photographs to the Nepali Army.

13. All submissions must be uploaded electronically through the website of Nepali Army or they can submit the digital copy in Directorate of Public Relation and Information (DPRI)

14. The participant will receive confirmation notification of his/her participation after the submission of photographs.

15. With their submission, participant agrees that their photos do not take elements of other existing creation, third party rights, or any other protected rights by law. Participant his/herself is responsible forany copyright violence.

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